Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

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Advent of Ascension 3 Changelog
(+: Added; -: Removed; *: Modified)


3.2 (The Loot Update):
The Loot Update:
* Moved various loot crates onto json loot tables. This allows easy modification by other mods and compatibility with current forge standards
* Moved all mobs onto json loot tables.
* Numerous mobs now drop crafting components used to craft different weapons and armour throughout the mod
* All normal mobs drop items from a 'world' table. This table is accessed by all mobs from a given dimension. These tables contain various supplies such as seeds, coins, tokens, crafting materials, etc.
* All world tables now have the chance to access a 'rare loot' table. This table contains various valuable items that can be dropped on uncommon occasions. It also contains much more valuable rare drops.
* Looting, and Luck now affect nearly all mob drops
* All mobs have had their stats adjusted to scale properly with dimensional progress.
* The realmstone system has been changed to a task-based system. A base realmstone can be obtained from corrupted travellers. Completing various tasks with this base realmstone will unlock realmstones for other dimensions.
+ A frame bench has been added in which converts scrap metal into frame items. These frames are the base templates for several weapon and armour item types.
* Infusion has been reworked to be interacted with via a GUI from the infusion table. Infusion is now split into two parts: Infusing, and Imbuing. Numerous weapons and armour can now be infused on the infusion table from their frame item with various materials.
There are just too many changes to list here! See the wiki page for a more in-depth list of changes: