Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

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Filename aoa3-3.1.jar
Uploaded by Scimiguy
Uploaded Apr 20, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 62.90 MB
Downloads 4,085
MD5 2d71b0911aa318d549eaa30870cc781b
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


(+: Added; -: Removed; *: Modified)


+ Added the /aoaevent command. Enable or disable events, or just check which ones are active (Github suggestion #259)
+ Added the /aoaskill command. Check, modify, or just mess around with levels and xp
* Fixed the /aoastructure command giving feedback to all ops on a server (Github issue #466)
* Added /aoastructures command alias


+ Added the first 200+ advancements to AoA to start! I plan on adding many more as we go into the future, this is just the beginning (With ancient rock background, Github suggestion #239). I'll also be adding rewards and such to advancements after the loot update
+ Added custom triggers for level up and xp gain for data pack makers.


+ Added nearly all the backend code required to have leaderboards implemented into AoA. They run on a separate thread to the game, so they will take advantage of servers/computers with multiple processing cores. I haven't yet activated them because it's a rather complex system in the background and I want to do some more testing and keep an eye on how it runs in the community before I make it public.
Will keep track of a configurable number of top-ranked players by level in each skill, as well as a total skill level
Can be disabled by server owners if it's impacting performance too much or there are other issues.
Will only run on servers, not in single player


- The skills gui is now GONE. Yes. Gone.
+ Added a new gui. This gui contains all your skills, resources, tribute, and more in a much more informative, and prettier package. It even comes pre-packaged with a few themes to start. You might notice some of the tabs are disabled. They are coming soon!
* Corrected and smoothed out visual progress on soul, creation, and tribute gui icons
* Increased the font size for the resources toggle tip message


- Removed Vulcanism
* Modified creation points by a factor of 30. All values are now 30x smaller, which allows me to keep the values consistent, easy to read, and easy to use. This won't affect regen time or usage
* Modified soul points by a factor of 100. All values are now 100x smaller, which allows me to keep the values consistent, easy to read, and easy to use. This won't affect regen time or usage


* Moved configuration files to an aoa subdirectory
* Adjusted main config to be more clear and descriptive. This may cause a few vanity config options to be reset.
+ Added a new config to modify all ore spawn rates
+ Added a new config to modify all structure spawn chances


* Fixed trading with AoA Traders causing your held items to activate
* Fixed traders' trades changing under certain conditions (Github issue #417)
* Modified Flash's ability slightly to be less forgiving
* Removed Alarmo's ability when AI has been disabled
* Removed Walker's ability when AI has been disabled
* Removed Night Watcher's ability when AI has been disabled
* Removed Arkback's ability when AI has been disabled
* Added missing distance limit on Hellspot's teleport ability
* Fixed Celevian Lottoman's missing interaction text (Github issue #422)
* Made Nethengeic Wither prioritise attacking players over other mobs. Good luck
* Fixed Nethengeic Wither not changing appearance when changing forms (Github issue #427)
* Fixed Ancient Golem's missing spawn
* Fixed purple automaton dropping ancient cavern realmstone
* Fixed missing magic immunity icon on Dyrehorn (Github issue #429)
* Fixed Runic Lifeforms spawning on the surface (Github issue #434)
* Moved Rune Templar slightly to the center of the bunker
* Fixed hitboxes of big day mobs
* Removed Dracyon's vertical movement ability
* Fixed Nightwings not spawning from their spawners in Vox Ponds
* Removed Voxxulon's slowness AOE effect
* Fixed Amphibiytes not spawning at night
* Stopped Magicke spawning on non-natural blocks
* Fixed Stinger not being marked as an overworld mob
* Fixed Soulscorne sometimes causing crashes when attacking
* Fixed Amphibiyte's lightspeed water travel
- Removed Vulcanism Master
* Nethengeic Wither now drops nethengeic banners (Github suggestion #480)
* Added carrots and golden carrot drops to Carrotops (Github suggestion #286)
* Added sand drops to Sphinx (Github suggestion #286)
* Fixed Amphibiyte's hitbox being too large (Github issue #535)
* Added something to reduce potential crashes for vine wizards
* Fixed Corallus shots immediately targeting the ground on spawn, and increased their movement speed slightly (Github issue #564)
* Fixed Mechbot only doing a quarter of his jump special attack a single time in the fight (Github issue #562)
* Fixed water mobs not being able to spawn underwater
* Reduced overworld trader health from 250 to 25 (Github suggestion #451)
* Reduced lottomen health from 250 to 20
* Reduced dimensional trader health from 250 to 30
* Reduced Corrupted Traveller's health from 250 to 50
* Reduced store keeper's health to 20
* Reduced skillmaster health from 250 to 50
* Reduced gorb and zal citizens' health to 20
* Reduced zal child's health to 15
* Reduced Goalby's weakness effect level from 5 to 1 (Github suggestion #397)


* Fixed greatblades dealing exactly 1 less damage than their stated amount (Github issue #407)
* Fixed weapons case only giving 1 of each item
* Fixed Erebon Scythe missing its health steal text (Github issue #411)
* Made realm travel ticket non stackable (Github suggestion #110)
* Made Halycon milk unstackable (Github suggestion #432)
* Made skydriver bow take just a little bit longer before dropping acid (Github issue #475)
- Removed Vulcane boots, legs, body, helmet
* Modified the description of Skill Crystals slightly to be more clear
* Allowed Skill Crystals to work on skills at or above level 100
* Added charger meat drop to all chargers, except ghostly (Github suggestion #518)
* Converted amethyst, jade, sapphire, and shyregem into gems. They now drop directly from their respective blocks. (Github suggestion #359)
* Fixed worn book causing a crash on servers (Github issue #571)
* Fixed punch not working on AoA bows (Github issue #557)


* Fixed creeponia ores not generating below the top stone layer
* Increased generation rate of the overworld ores
* Fixed leaves allowing you to see through solid blocks
+ Added blocks for nearly all ingot and gem types
* Changed recipe for Crystallanium
* Changed recipe for Skeletanium
* Changed recipe for Shadonantium
* Changed recipe for Emberium
* Fixed Ancient Altar not consuming shyre ingots/gems properly (Github issue #517)
* Increased hardness of all coloured brick blocks
* Reduced hardness and explosion resistance of all structure bricks (Github suggestion #453)
* Reduced light opacity of crystevia crystal blocks
* Reduced hardness and explosion resistance of crystevia crystal blocks
* Gave crystevia crystal blocks a small light level (Github suggestion #447)
* Fixed Mending Table not mending all items (Github issue #489)


* Fixed crash when noticeboard is disabled and an update is available
* *Grumbles* actually added old boot to hauling table. Shh. Innocent mistake ok? Don't hate me
* Fixed realm travel ticket not being required for runandor/greckon (Github issue 419)
* Removed focus rune from chest loot table
* Increased spawn rate of carved runic blocks
* Fixed a few edge cases with daily events not lining up based on world seeds
* Changed Clunkhead arena to runic construct bricks
* Made Corallus' projectiles despawn in peaceful
* Fixed magic immunity including blasters (Github issue #428)
* Fixed a mismatch in Opteryx Nest generation coordinates, should make them more common
* Made fire rune shrines appear more often
* Made Nethengeic Pits appear less often
* Cleaned up some of the metadata included in the mod - it should now support Forge's inbuilt version checking
* Fixed large xp gains causing you to gain far more levels than intended at a low level
* Fixed slightly incorrect xp required check while levelling
* Fixed Crystevia's chunkgen hanging randomly
* Fixed ascension shrines giving tribute during the night
* Hopefully fixed portals automatically teleporting players back and forth on servers (Github issue #520)
* Increased spawn rate of ruined teleporter frames
* Fixed energy projectiles disappearing in random cases
* Fixed Toy Tower artificially restricting its generation chances
* Reduced default chance to spawn baroness houses
* Fixed overworld events carrying through world changes
* Stabilised overworld events across game/server restarts. Events should now be consistently activated even if you stop playing in the middle of one
* Increased rarity of crystal transfer huts slightly
* Fixed a crash caused by killing mobs with strange looting levels
* Fixed baron bombs doing weird things and not working as intended (Github issue #561)
* Fixed gaining obscenely large amounts of xp at level 1000 allowing a player to reach higher levels
* Added Noxious staff to Cotton Candor support list
* Removed Poison Plunger from Cotton Candor support list
* Removed Bulb Cannon/Ghast Blaster/Wither Cannon from Cotton Candor support list
* Changed the recipes for all fences, gates, and slabs to support crafting on any rows of the crafting grid (Also fixes a Githux issue #565)
* Reduced the cost of gem bags from lottomen from 50 to 12 (Github suggestion #437)
* Removed augury level requirement for ascension shrine for creative players (Github suggestion #242)
* Changed hauling to only replace fish drops (Github suggestion #469)
* Disabled overhead icons rendering for entities when in guis


* Fixed grammatical error in the minion slab level requirement message
* Changed Creep's related blocks/items/messages to match his name
* Added a spawn message for Hydrolisk (Github issue #570)
* Fixed Zal Grocer calling himself Zal Food Vendor


* Modified the power stone textures slightly to better fit in
* Fixed the guis for crystal trader, professor, toy merchant, troll trader, gorb trader, gorb arms dealer, lelyetian banker, lelyetian trader, overworld lottoman, portal master, primordial banker, primordial merchant, primordial spellbinder, primordial wizard, skill master, and store keeper (Github issue #508)


* Fixed boss health bars continuing to render after closing the book in Better Questing 3 (Github issue #487)