(Discontinued) Advancement Plus - Vanilla


The mod creator has retired from mod developments, thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to my second mod : ADVANCEMENT PLUS - VANILLA This is the FIRST mod of the Plus Series

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IMPORTANT: Advancement Plus for 1.18.1 is now released. * The mod will now ONLY support on Curseforge App and Curseforge Website which means I will not help or allow any 3rd party mod launcher outside of Curseforge. Advancement Plus ONLY runs in Forge Mod Loader 1.16 + Highly recommended you to play this mod with Better Advancement  ABOUT THE MOD: This mod simply add some addition advancements ! Custom criterion triggers now added to the game !
Better and less junk advancements like 1.16.5 Complete reworked system for 1.18.1 Good mod to impress your friends :))) Wiki Page: The wiki page (WIP) will be available soon on GitHub ! Stay Safe ! Stay Tuned ! MY OTHER MODS:. Mekanism Extension Ore Plus - Low Tech undefined F.A.Q: Q: Can I use this mod for my modpacks ? A: Of Course ! Yes ! undefined Q: Will this mod compatible with other mods like mekanism ? A: Mekanism Extension is available NOW ! undefined Q: I found a bug in my mod! where should i report it to you ? A: Go to Issues tab! and create a new issue. Also use it if you have some feature request! Q: Fabric ? A: WORK IN PROCESS  Unforturnately, no !