Advanced World Selection

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Advanced World Selection
for Minecraft 1.7.10 to 1.12.2 by Sedridor

Ever forgot which mods or mod versions a world was saved with? Maybe you even want to know where in the world you were?
Advanced World Selection is a mod that lets you see detailed tooltips about your worlds in Minecraft's World Selection screen.
This helps you preventing chunk walls by loading a world with missing or new biome generation mods. You can also see the world's seed.
As a bonus, you will also have the new 1.9-style World Selection screen.

MinecraftForge required!

- Download and install Forge
- Move the mod's jar file into the mods folder of Minecraft

Version 1.12.2-01 [21-5-2018]
- Updated for 1.12.2
- Added option to hide coordinates

Version 1.11-01 [8-12-2016]
- Updated for 1.11

Version 1.9.4-02 [8-12-2016]
- Updated for latest Forge

Version 1.7.10-07 [21-5-2016]
- Added option to keep world icon updated when saving world

Version 1.9.4-01 [20-5-2016]
- Updated to 1.9.4
- Added option to keep world icon updated when saving world

Version 1.7.10-5 [30-4-2016]
- Fix translation

Version 1.7.10-4 [28-4-2016]
- Fix unicode font switching

Version 1.7.10-3 [28-4-2016]
- Fixed world icon related crash
- Prevent tooltips from going beyond screen edge

Version 1.7.10-2 [27-4-2016]
- Added option to hide unchanged (active) mods
- Improved version comparator

Version 1.7.10-1 [26-4-2016]
- First release

See minecraftforum thread for more information


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