Advanced Solar Materials

309,761 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 17, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod is meant to be used with TechReborn as a way to add more complex solar panel recipes. While TechReborn includes the solars from AdvSolars by default, it doesn't include any of the special crafting items.


Thus, this mod adds back a few of the crafting items for the utility of modpack creators. Here they are:

  • Sunnarium (glowstone + uum)
  • Enriched Sunnarium (sunnarium + uranium)
  • Sunnarium Plate (sunnarium + iridium)
  • Enriched Sunnarium Plate (sunnarium + uranium + iridium)

The items use recolored TechReborn textures, namely the UU Matter and Plate textures, which are licensed under the MIT license.


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