Advanced Macros

20,335 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 14, 2021 Game Version: 1.14.4

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Larger Selection

An example where world edit commands have been made from scripts and a selection is being displayed. Hud3D scripts seeme to be nicer for screenshots.

Compass and Building Guide

At the players feet a compass is being drawn and is point to some location the player set it to. A guide for drawing a circle can be seen further back.

Bindings Screen

A bunch of random bindings. Events and Key Down are both here. Key up or key up/down are also options not shown here. At the top the current profile is shown. Profiles can be changed via script or by selecting them manualy

Script Browser

Here is an example of the file browser used to select scripts for editing or binding.

In-game Editor

Here you can see the current script editor with some example showing off some different notification types.

Hud3D - Block

This image shows one of the 3D Hud's features. The block can be: moved, resized, re-textured, xrayed or rotated.

Table Logging

This image shows one way to quickly to inspect a Lua Table. The table seen here has been provided by the JoinWorld event. Logged messages are only visible to the client. [Left: Single Player, Right: Multiplayer]