Advanced Macros

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Filename advancedmacros-8.0.0.jar
Uploaded by Theincgi
Uploaded Aug 10, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 1.92 MB
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MD5 bd5a90f009bc21ddaade4174b3841ecf
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This version may still have bugs which can crash your game, save work regularly.
I've tried to minimize the number of changes that the end user should have to do to their scripts to keep them working

Happy scripting!

(Change log also available in game in color)
- Updated for Minecraft 1.14.3
- getHeldKeys() has been replaced with HID.getState('keyboard')
- Dimensions are now given as tables (Overworld, Nether, End, modded...)
- Gui's by scripts currently do not have a keyRepeat function
It will be added back in, but it will not have the typedChar like the keyPressed event
- Gui's by scripts keyPressed pass (keycode, scancode, moddifiers)
instead of typed char and keycode
for the correct char input, use the charTyped event
- Scroll amounts from gui's may have changed
- advLog has been removed as it has been depreciated
- the axis aligned bounding boxes (getBoundingBox()) no longer provides
the calculateIntercept function
findEntityOnPath now returns a full raytrace result
- Block types no longer have damage values
ex: wool:11 is now blue_wool
this is reflected in things like getRecipes and getBlock
- Gui controls have changed for books
- getAuthor is removed
- getTitle is removed
- the 'minecraft:blocks' texture is removed, 'minecraft:block' still exists
- Features:
- narrate( String:text <,boolean:interrupt> ) added
- HID lib allows you to poll the states of keyboard, mouse, joystick, and gamepads now.
- getWorld now provides:
- isSinglePlayer (boolean)
- isLanHost (boolean)
- connectionType (string)
these match the JoinWorld event
- Other:
- All gui's now have titles (used by the narrator if you have it on)
- Mouse positions are now floating point numbers from gui events
(might still show up as an integer though)
- Prompt's title (used by narrator) is also set by the prompt text
- Internal:
- Currently using Minecraft's font renderer
- Minecraft thread now grabbed by reflection due to change in mod loading from forge
- Coremod features updated to the new system with JS, made a small simplification for
- ForgeEventHandler is no longer used to keep track of held keys list
(not the same as the action keybindings)
- JoinWorld event now gets info in a static manner because the event doesn't provide it anymore
- Updated event repost code for chat messages so other mods can continue processing them after
the user's lua script has processed the message
- Created TaskDispatcher system for tasks to be executed on the MC thread with optional delay
- NBT tags are accessed a little differently now
- Created converter for BufferedImage and NativeImage for graphics lib
- Made the error for missing thread data in lua more verbose, but you shouldn't see it anyway
- Had to rename a ton of stuff on the Java side