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Adorn (Forge)

Looking for the Fabric version?

Adorn is a decoration and furniture mod for Minecraft 1.16 and 1.18 that adds many decoration blocks, such as...

  • Chairs and sofas! You can sit and relax on them. A sofa is also a nice place for a nap.
  • Drawers! Smaller container than chests, but a fancier piece of furniture.
  • Stone torches! They're made of stone and are better light sources than wooden torches.
  • Kitchen blocks! You can decorate your kitchens with kitchen counters, cupboards and sinks (Perfect for kitchen sink modpacks!)
  • And more: tables, shelves, fences, chimneys...

Requirements: Kotlin for Forge



Adorn includes special support for these mods:



I won't backport Adorn to older versions (such as 1.12.2).
However, Adorn is open source and anyone can port it if they want to.

Don't report bugs in CurseForge comments. Adorn's bug tracker is on GitHub.



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