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Genesis Addon Version 

Current Version: Version 0.8



The Golemborn are few and far, taking after their ancestors, the Iron Golems. They gained some of their strength and some of their size.

+Higher damage when not using a weapon

+Launch enemies into the air, similar to what your ancestors do (only without a weapon in hand)

+Defense equal to iron armor, due to your steel carapace

+Spawn in a village

 =You are 1.25x larger than normal humans

=You can only eat metal items (Iron, Gold/Golden Food, and Netherite), this includes nuggets and blocks. Eating any kind of netherite will give you buffs.

-Slow, due to your size

-Clumsy, meaning you cannot hold shields

-Bulky, armor does not fit on you

-Heavy, you must use a lot of energy to move around, requiring more food



The Arcanites were born of the Eldritch Gods, inheriting some of their power. Dating back to ancient days, these strange creatures are not so common anymore.

+Use arcane spells on your enemies

 =You have mana, which is used to power your spells and regenerates faster when near bookshelves or an enchanting table. (200 is the max)

-You have less health because of your frail body

Current Spells:
-Fireball (Requires Level 5) 35 Mana

-Lightning Strike (Requires Level 10) 20 Mana

-Withercall (Requires Level 20) 40 Mana

-Flight (Requires Level 100)

(The level requirements may be changed to advancements later on.)



Ghastlings are a rare occurrence, coming from a strange reaction, creating a human-sized Ghast.

+Fire balls of flame at your enemies.

+Float to the ground, instead of falling

=You are slightly translucent, due to your thin skin

-You have less health

-You need to eat more food



The Infested supposedly descend from those scuttling silverfish. They hold many of the same aspects.

+Burrow through stone, up to three blocks deep

+Infest the stone you are standing on (Primary)

+Silverfish are friendly towards you

=You are smaller than a normal person

=You get blindness if the light level is too high, but you also have night vision.

-Due to your small size, you have less hearts



All but one of the Great Dragons left the End. Where they went is unknown. What we do know is you were born of them.

+Launch dragon fireballs (Primary) (you are supposed to be immune to dragons breath, but that immunity is not working. it is an issue with origins itself, not Genesis)

+Fly through the air because you have an elytra

+Have more defense because of your tough scales

-You will get slowness if you are on the ground, as you are far more accustomed to the skies

-Your dragon stomach can not digest anything but meat



Genesis is a WIP mod addon, intended to increase variety in the Origins mod.


If you want to learn how to make your own Origins in a datapack, check out my Tutorial on YouTube! :D 


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