[World Generator] Floating Nether Islands

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I've made this datapack so me and my dude could try ourselves out in a more hostile and harder environment. Since Nether update beta when we tested the nether wastes single biome mode we wanted to beat the game this way, starting in the nether. This datapack pretty much makes our dream come true since I added river and plains biomes too so you can sill basically complete the game with villagers, water, animals around and I even modified ores so they'll spawn in every biome, including nether ones too and regardless of height.


  • Nether Wastes, Soul Sand Valley, Warped Forest, Crimson Forest, River (for water), Plains (for villagers and wool) biomes generate
  • Villages, pillager outposts, mines, strongholds, nether portals generate in random places
  • Ores generate regardless of altitude
  • Water does NOT evaporate from anywhere
  • Piglins and Hoglins do NOT turn into zombies
  • Custom sky, water, grass and foliage colors


There are two variants available for download. Normal which includes a load of ghasts being present in nether wastes and soul sand valleys which in my opinion increase the difficulty which is cool and one that removes ghasts from the overworld. 

I've made a resource pack specially for this type of world that adds 1 hours and 16 minutes of dark, other-worldy ambient music to the game replacing the default peaceful ones. 

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