Tier Upgrade

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This small data pack adds recipes to "upgrade" armor and tools while maintaining enchantments.

It may not be the most balanced, but I'm really sick of not being able to somehow take advantage of all those leather armor or enchanted gold tools in some way. Maybe in the future I'll try to do the same thing but make it work with the anvil so that it at least consumes experience.

How does it work?
It's simple, just like the netherite upgrade (with the smithing table), but instead of an ingot use the item you want to upgrade.


(You will lose the first item)

I also included the knife from Farmer's Delight.


I didn't add wooden tools as (to my knowledge) it's not possible to find any of that enchanted. If not let me know in the comments and I'll add it.


It should work from version 1.16 onwards, if there is any problem try changing the version number of the pack_format in the "pack.mcmeta" file (look for the number corresponding to each version in the images).


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