The Missing Villages

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Since they added the different villagers by biome and I saw that the swamp and jungle villagers had no home that I wanted to have something like that.


Look if there were any made and I only found a pair, the one that I liked the most because it resembles the vanilla style was the one from Sprucewood74 that materialized Grian's designs.


But I noticed that some things were missing like the loot of the chests, and I wanted to correct a couple of blocks of place, so I figured out how to do it (I had no idea how to make a structure appear), I located some files and I realized that I could finish one of the things that I wanted the most in minecraft, so I modified more things and added the roof with blocks of grass as I always wanted, in the style of shrek's house.


And well a couple of weeks later here it is, I tried it and it seems to work but I would appreciate any report of any error to correct, although I do not promise anything. The same with some port to 1.17.


I don't want to put many images so as not to spoiler (and I'm lazy of course haha), but for those who want to, they can see the original designs of Grian's videos.

Swamp Village - Jungle Village


Sprucewood74's original datapacks are on Grian's subreddit


press F for the golem :(

The only thing I didn't like to do was modify the jungle a little, I didn't want to change anything vanilla but I was forced to reduce the amount of bushes that are generated since otherwise the village was covered and it was a disaster. Although being honest I always hate the jungle for those horrible bushes, maybe now it looks a little better, but if someone knows some method that can only be reduced in the village so that the rest of the jungle is normal let me know.


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