Skyblock BUT really really bad


I made this data pack to enhance further my Skyblock world with the same name. It can be used in every world but since it doesn't generate terrain , one must build an island or platform, not to fall down into the void. This data pack cannot be used in survival only. One must enter the world at least once flying and set the spawn point in a safe place to make it a liveable world.


  • The world is empty
  • No terrain is generated
  • Only swamp huts and strongholds generate to still make the game playable
  • The world consists of plain biome only
  • Plain biome is modified to resemble soul sand valley thus plays its environmental effects such as ash, music, ambient etc.
  • The world is modified so there is no sky and daylight cycle much like in the end
  • Phantoms can spawn only naturally in the overworld
  • Witches are now very important and are necessary to complete the game for their drop has been changed to get obsidian and flint and steel