Race Carts 2.0 | Super Fast Minecarts!

For ten years I was using rails and go used to their relatively steady, comfy pace of transportation. Then I was forced to use boats on ice for I choose Frozen Hell as my world type thus railroads became obsolete. I felt like making the minecarts go faster would make them be a reliable and fast way of transportation, again. I based my pack on Firebug's Faster Minecarts Datapack. Edited it here and there with the help of a friend from discord PuckiSilver,, changed which blocks make the carts go faster and voilá.


If you place rails on:

  • cobblestone: 1:15 long railway -> 0:22 seconds
  • ice: 1:15 long railway -> 0:21 seconds
  • packed ice: 1:15 long railway -> 0:20 seconds
  • blue ice: 1:15 long railway -> 0:17 seconds

the minecarts if ridden will go much much faster. Speeds increase in this order.

That's all! Oh and... if you don't build a manual launcher at the end of the railroad you'll probably end up suffocating in a wall since the high speeds cannot slow down enough.