Expanded Advancement and Recipe Pack

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This is a datapack that adds a plethora of advancements and recipes for your survival world. It is currently updated for 1.19.2. There is a beta available for 22w42a with support for the bundle and 1.20 datapacks.

Translations are available for older versions and can be found below. Many thanks to the translators!

If you want to use this datapack for anything other than a singleplayer world, read the Terms of Use spoiler at the bottom of the page.

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To use this in your world, you need to drop the downloaded .zip file into your world's datapacks folder. You can find this in the following directory:

.minecraft/saves/<world save>/datapacks

The "<world save>" is whatever your world's file is named.

There is no need to unzip or unpackage anything.

Installing Updates:

Delete the old version of the pack and paste in the new one. Do not reload the world (either by rejoining or typing /reload) before pasting in the new version. Simply pasting without deleting can cause issues with files not being properly removed, replaced, or renamed.


This pack contains 453 advancements and 15 tabs, and more in the betas! They consist of Vanilla's existing advancements, brand new advancements, remakes of old achievements, and achievements exclusive to Bedrock versions of the game.

Some advancements were taken from another pack. Credit and a link to the pack can be found below. Many thanks for these creators for helping make this pack what it is!

Info about the advancements in the latest release can be found here.


Click here to see a table of all the recipes I have added or tweaked. All the recipes have in-game unlocks, just like the Vanilla recipes. Do not bother asking for permission to edit/comment on the spreadsheet. You have no reason to and your request will not be granted. If you wish to play the pack with just the advancements, a version without recipes is available for download under the "Files" tab. Click the most recent file and scroll down to the bottom. The download should be under the changelog.

Additional Credits:


Credit goes to Cobaas, Cavinator1, and MichaelMKenny for the advancements in the spoiler. Although I may have tweaked them slightly, they originally came from them. Thanks for helping make this pack what it is! Here's a link to their pack if you're interested.

Choir Class


Off with His Head!

Crystal Collection

Brewing Machine

Spooky Sand

Basis to Brew

A Much More Doable challenge

Full Album

Building Root

Light it Up, Up, Up!





Pot Planter

It’s a Sign

Master Sniper

Master Armorer

Master Miner

Master Knight

Plane Walker

Some in the Redstone tab

The custom dark prismarine recipe was taken from PaintTheFuture’s datapack, Paint's Flexible Recipes.


lorenzopapivero (Minecraft IGN: LorenzoPapi) - Italian translation (1.13.2, 1.14 snapshots, 1.14.X)

mijag - Spanish translation (19w03c)

noptia - Chinese translation (1.13.2 V1)

MCMDEV - German translation (1.13 V1/V2)

idg2712 - Portuguese translation (1.13 V2)

friendlycreature - Russian translation (1.13 V1)

Thank you for all the work put into translating this massive project! If you wish to translate this project into your language, check out the instructions here.

Documentation and Other Projects by Me:

My Projects:

More Dragon-Proof Blocks is a pack that increases the number of blocks the Ender Dragon doesn't destroy.

Silk Touch-less Campfires is a pack that makes it so campfires will drop themselves when mined, even without silk touch.

Better Traders is a pack that aims to make the trades offered by the wandering trader more worthwhile.
Cave-ier Spiders (Discontinued) is a pack that makes cave spiders spawn in caves instead of normal spiders.


There are a lot of tags in this pack that are used internally. All the custom tags are used somewhere in the pack. Click here to see a spreadsheet documenting the tags, what they contain, and where they are used.


If you plan to use my pack on a server, I recommend you use the Server Friendly version found on the file page. Some changes have been made to make the experience better for players, especially on larger servers. In addition, please read the Terms of Use below.

I do not and will not ship a "no recipe" version for servers. It's just too many versions for me to maintain. If you wish to remove all recipes, delete the following folders:

- minecraft/recipes

- minecraft/advancements/recipes

- minecraft/tags/items

- platy/recipes

- platy/advancements/recipes

Terms of Use:

You may use this datapack on your server. However, if your server has any sort of website, forums, etc, you must clearly credit me and link to this page. If your server has none of those, just inform players of this page if they inquire.

You may use this pack in a video or series. However, you must provide a link to this page in the description of your video(s).

You may use some of my advancements, recipes, or tags in your own datapack. However, if you distribute this pack, you must clearly credit me for the content you used, even if it has been edited slightly. You must also link to this page. Distributing this pack, or parts of it, without building on it significantly is not allowed. You must also message me for explicit permission.

Also, though not necessarily a "Terms of Use" thing, please note that CurseForge is the only place I distribute my pack. Do not download from any other websites.

Please, leave a comment about what you think could be changed, tweaked, or added. All constructive criticism is helpful and welcome! Report issues under the "Issues" tab! Thanks for downloading and helping me improve this!


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