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This datapack is not maintained anymore, new bugs will not be patched and the datapack will not be released on the latest versions


Minecraft Datapack who proposes to change the difficulty of a Minecraft world without the cheats activated or admin permissions via `/trigger` command.


Installation :

Since the v0.2.0-beta, just drop the .zip in the datapack folder of your world.


Usage :

Use the /trigger command as

/trigger difficulty set <level>

 <level> must be a number between 0 and 3 inclusive.

 - 0 peaceful
 - 1 easy
 - 2 normal
 - 3 hard


Configuration : 

If you have a version greater than or equal to v0.3.0, you can configure your preferences now.

With this settings you can define wich difficulty can be set on your map. To configure the datapack go into data > functions > settings.mcfunction.



If you have a problem, question or a suggestion do not hesitate to speak in the comments !


TriggerDifficulties is part of a pack of datapacks named EasierNow. TriggerDifficulties is compatible with these other datapacks but also works alone.


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