Moar Reactor Functionality

This is a set of CraftTweaker and NuclearCraft: Overhauled scripts to improve reactor functionality in NuclearCraft: Overhauled.


Current features:

makes Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs) actually usable by moving the recipes to the chemical reactor

makes it actually possible to obtain Heavy Water and Tritium in survival mode

adds gas cooling to Solid Fuel Reactors (SFRs)

adds hot gas usability in Turbines

adds supercritical water cycle for use with SFRs & MSRs

adds a supercritical CO2 cycle for use with SFRs

makes TRISO pebbles actually useful by making them usable as fuels in SFRs

makes preheated water feasible for SFRs by making fission products actually useful

makes it possible to actually achieve nuclear fusion in-game, by moving recipes around (disabled by default. can be enabled in a script)


All information for the use of this add-on can be found on this spreadsheet.


Dependencies: CraftTweaker, ContentTweaker, NuclearCraft: Overhauled, and any dependencies those mods might have. QMD is an optional dependency that will further increase the number of gasses usable for gas cooling and in turbines. NC Steam Additions is another optional dependency to use a different processing machine for the heat exchanger functionality. While JEI is not required, it is highly recommended, as it will show all the recipes and functionality of this add-on, which I will not bother to document here.


Installation Instructions:

To install Moar Reactor Functionality, follow these steps:

1. Move this entire folder to your Minecraft folder at resources/nuclearcraft/addons. If this directory does not currently exist, you will have have to make it yourself. When you're done, it should look as follows: the folder named addons contains the folder MoarReactorFunctionality, which itself contains several subfolders.

2. Voila. You're done.


Planned features:

add compatibility with MoarFuels' pebbles

add compatibility with Moar Heat Sinks (when that gets updated)


For similar stuff:

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Moar Heat Sinks by QuantumTraverse (adds more heat sinks for use in the fission reactor)
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Moar Realistic Enrichment by QuantumTraverse (makes the uranium enrichment process more realistic)
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Credits: Thanks so much to Tom Dodd for making NuclearCraft (and NuclearCraft: Overhauled) and adding all of the base functions upon which this add-on is built. Thanks also to Thalzamar for careful proofreading of the add-on as well as providing some ideas and code.