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Mindthemood's Dungeon Removal Committee

Employs an expert committee of dungeon experts to studiously remove every last one of those ugly dungeons from your worlds. (This only effects regular dungeons, not dungeons generated as parts of mineshafts.) This is great if you either hate dungeons, love committees, or want to try out my upcoming structure improvements.

Having decided to overhaul every structure in the game, I figured dungeons would be a great place to start. As it turns out, dungeons are terrain features, rather than actual structures. In fact, they have more in common codewise, with, say, a tree; than a village. As such, I had to find and employ the greatest committee members I could find to accomplish this difficult task.

To put the Dungeon Removal Committee to work, simply download the datapack, and make sure to add it to your world's data file.