Lucky Block Creeper [Remastered]

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The Lucky Block Creeper was something I created half-hazzardly a couple of years ago when I was young. I admit it, the block was not the greatest. In fact, many of the drops that were included in the block were not even created by me. I admittedly stole those drops and I now feel terrible about this.

I am sorry for what I have done, I am especially sorry to those whom I stole these drops from. When I stole these drops, I was not intending anything bad, just ran out of ideas. As I grew older, I relished in my mistake and realized how terrible it was. I have now worked to fix these errors. Furthermore, the block also had several drops that were too wild, had errors, and in general, were not tight/clean. The block often spewed out nothing for the drops. I have gone back and worked on this making the block a bit more professional. I hope I have fixed many of these mistakes and make the block more enjoyable. 


- craftdiamonds // Muqarib T. Anwar


Change Log:

o Removed almost all stolen drops; I tried to remove as many stolen drops that I remember stealing

o Fixed nearly all bugged drops, meaning that opened lucky blocks should no longer yield "nothing", to do this I tested every drop individually, it was tedious

o Remastered the Lucky Sword, Bow, and Potion textures

o Removed copied crafting recipe; duplicate

o Removed any duplicate drops

o Tweaked the luck on drops accordingly

o Fixed any spelling or grammatical errors, which includes making things sound better

o Added some new but simple structures

o Tweaked natural spawning so that the chance for lucky blocks is higher, plus the lucky blocks have a chance spawning in with a structure

o Altered a few drops to make them a little less powerful and wild

o Downgraded some of the drops to avoid lagging issues

o Downgraded drops to be a little less annoying

o Tweaked prices for villagers to a more manageable state

o Straight up removed bad drops

o Drop count is now ~150