Immersive Nuclear Steam

What this does:


-when used without Moar Reactor Functionality Addon it uses a calculation based on the Heat values of Coolant and Steam which means around 50% less steam compared to MRF
-real calculation found in MRF is based on Heating provided and required Numbers in the Nuclearcraft Heat Exchanger recipes
-when used with MRF:
Go to Immersive Tech Config and increase Heat Exchanger Output Tank to 15000 if you want to use either Cryotheum , Diamond , Emerald , Silver , Aluminium ,Villiaumite , Nitrogen or Helium Heaters

-adds NC High Pressure steam to the IT High Pressure Turbine (enable in config)

-adds NC Low Pressure Steam to the IT Steam Turbine 

-adds NaK Recipes to the IT Heat Exchanger

-adds Condensing Recipes to the IT Cooling Tower

-adds NC heating recipes to the IT Boiler

-IT Steam Turbine and High Pressure Turbine borught inline to NC


Compared to Moar Reactor Functionality MSRs make less Steam overall
MRF uses the real calculations, i just did Heat Conversion of Coolants



1. Move this ZipArchive to your Minecraft folder at resources/nuclearcraft/addons. If this directory does not currently exist, you will have have to make it yourself.

The Folder should have been made when NC:O has been run once already.
2. Voila. You're done.


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