Ender Gravity Gun Datapack

Last Updated: Sep 1, 2018 Game Version: 1.13



Aug 31, 2018

Owner: itayfeder

I know you know the game Half-Life 2. So, in this game, the introduced a little item called the Gravity GUn, which can make mobs and blocks gravitate. So, they are in Minecraft right now!!! 
Find them inside end treasure chests in End Cities. right click on them to target something.
The Gravity Gun will work on players, mobs, and block!

Download Info:
1. Download the .zip file
2. Open the .zip file
3. Put the "Gravity Gun - Resource Pack" inside the resource packs folder

4. Make a world.
5. Put the "Gravity Gun - Datapack" in your world/datapacks
6. Do /reload in your world
7. HAVE FUN!!!


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