[Datapack] Nether Survival Tweaks

23 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 30, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.1

Nether Survival Tweaks

is a collection of datapacks that aim to make Nether starts more possible. They add the following features:

• Composter Water:

Harvesting the Bone Meal from a full Composter will fill an empty Glass Bottle in your hand. This allows water to be produced in The Nether.

• Cauldron Transmutation:

Items can be transmuted in a Cauldron at the cost of Nether Wart. This provides a means of obtaining Redstone and Lapis Lazuli in The Nether.
This process requires a full Cauldron, so Composter Water or some other datapack is recommended to avoid having to go to the Overworld.

Glowstone Dust ⟷ Redstone
Quartz ⟷ Lapis Lazuli

To transmute:
• Place a Campfire (or Soul Campfire to go in reverse) under a full Cauldron
• Place an Item Frame on top of the Cauldron
• Put your ingredient in the Item Frame
• Toss a Nether Wart into the Cauldron
• Rotate the Item Frame with a Stick
• Left click the resulting item out of the (now invisible) Item Frame

• Diamond Crafting:

Wither Skeletons now drop Dense Coal instead of normal Coal. This can be cooked on a Soul Campfire to produce DIamonds. This provides a means of obtaining DIamonds in The Nether.

My other datapack, Recipe Tweaks, is also recommended as it contains recipes for converting Soul Sand into Sand and Blackstone into Stone, among others.

These datapacks have Datapack Manual support.


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