Better Phantoms

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When Phantoms were introduced in 1.13 it caused many complaints in the community. Some people don't want the "handicap" of being forced to sleep every now and then. Well never fear! This data pack changes Phantom spawning behavior in a customizable way. By default, it removes Phantoms entirely, but can also be configured to allow them to spawn as neutral mobs.

You might be wondering, "How am I supposed to get Phantom Membranes to fix my Elytra and brew potions if Phantoms don't spawn?" The simple answer is that if you have disabled Phantom spawning, Endermites will begin to drop Phantom Membranes (Referred to as Ender Membranes in-game) so no functionality is lost.

Ender Membrane

How to install

Note: You need to use Minecraft 1.13 or higher.

1- Download the file

2- Open the save folder you want to modify (C:\Users\(...)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\the_saves_you_want_to_edit)

3- Put the file into the "datapacks" folder

4- Load your world

Potential Conflicts

If you are using another data pack which alters the Endermite loot table this pack will overwrite it while Phantoms are disabled.

Known Bugs

In 1.13 there is a bug which prevents Phantom attributes from being modified. This may cause problems if you set their behavior to "neutral". It's a bug on Minecraft's end and there currently isn't an easy workaround.


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