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A Nether Life


This data pack allows players to start their game in the Nether instead of the Overworld, and supplies all the resources needed to do so. It also tweaks the drop rates of various new blocks from the 1.16 snapshots to be more in line with other parts of Minecraft, such as foliage blocks requiring shears to harvest and fungi occasionally dropping from their respective Wart blocks similar to leaves dropping from saplings.


Notable Features

- Players start out and respawn in the Nether

- New spawn points can be set in the Nether by crafting and lighting a campfire Removed. Use Respawn Anchors instead.

- Cobblestone can now be crafted by combining Basalt and Gravel in a crafting grid Removed. Use Blackstone instead.

- Foliage blocks (Sprouts, Roots, etc.) only drop when using shears

- Wart blocks have a small chance to drop their respective mushrooms, but will only drop themselves when using Silk Touch

- Nylium must be harvested using Silk Touch or it will only drop Netherrack, similar to Mycelium Added to vanilla

- Wild Nether Wart has a chance to spawn randomly

- Craftable Shroomlights

- Piglins drop Raw Pork

- Soul Sand smelts into glass

- Furnaces can be used to smelt trace amounts of iron from quartz