Command Creation - Mimic Chests!

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Hi everyone!


This little command creation adds mimic chests into the game, using only command blocks and loot tables! 




These mimics add a unique underground enemy. They spawn only underground, and appear as suspicious-looking minecart chests...



Once you right click them, they reveal their true natures, and transform into deadly mimics you must fight (except the wolf mimic, which is a tamable companion). Defeat them to get epic custom loot. Here is a sample of the mimics you might find:



 The mimics drop a wide variety of loot; each has unique drops ranging from decorative blocks to epic weapons and armor!





To add these mimics into your 1.10+ world, you should:


  • Download the zipped folder and copy it's contents into your minecraft world save (the one with the level.dat file in it). 
  • Load up the world, and give yourself a command block with /give @p command_block (Make sure cheats are enabled!)
  • Place down the command block very close to the world's spawn point (so it stays running when you go far away), and paste this command into it:


setblock ~ ~ ~ structure_block 1 replace {mirror:NONE,rotation:NONE,mode:LOAD,posX:-3,posY:0,posZ:-3,sizeX:7,sizeY:8,sizeZ:7,integrity:1.0f,showair:false,showboundingbox:true,ignoreEntities:true,author:Tmtravlr,name:tm_mimic_main}


  • Place a button on the command block, and activate it. It will turn into a structure block with the command block structure ready to load.
  • Stand back, outside of the box around the structure block (so you don't get stuck inside it!), and hit the button again to load it. This structure will appear:


You are now good to go! Go search for some mimics underground! You can change how commonly the mimics spawn with the three buttons in the middle. It is Default by default (as you might expect), so you could raise or lower the spawn rate if you find them too common or not common enough.



Example Structure:


Also, if you want, I created a platform with examples of each of the mimics and some custom drops associated with them. If you want to showcase them, or just generally play around with them, you can do the same as above, but with this command in the command block:


setblock ~ ~ ~ structure_block 1 replace {mirror:NONE,rotation:NONE,mode:LOAD,posX:-5,posY:0,posZ:-15,sizeX:15,sizeY:2,sizeZ:31,integrity:1.0f,showair:false,showboundingbox:true,ignoreEntities:true,author:Tmtravlr,name:tm_mimic_examples}


That will load the structure that has the mimic examples.




Have fun and enjoy the mimics!


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