Better Recipes

133 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 20, 2018 Game Version: 1.13-Snapshot

A datapack For vanilla minecraft that adds recipes that i think should be in the game. Just small tweaks and changes that are not overpowered in anyway.



Tweaked Recipes:

  • 8 Stairs per craft instead of 4 (Because were did half the material go?)
  • 1 door per craft (The old way. And who uses doors in multiples of 3?)

Added Recipes:

  • Most materials from their respective block (e.g. 4 clay from a clay block. But not over powered ones like magma cream from magma blocks)
  • 16 sticks from 2 logs (a common addition in mods)
  • rotated shield (old one still there)




Note: This is a data pack therefore requires minecraft 1.13 or Higher


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