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Backwards Crafting | Salvage & Disassemble Items!

After playing for several days in my Frozen Hell world, it felt really bad that I spent 44 in-game days with building my undead-free base just to realize I'm stuck on level 10 with no experience and no resources thus I made Learn From Your Deeds! data pack to patch the missing experience issue by adding other ways to grind XP. Now I made this data pack to patch the missing resources issue by allowing the player to reverse craft items, thus disassembling items that are no longer needed or their materials are better off used other ways. This data pack adds over 600+ vanilla friendly recipes to the game, without pretty much adding any recipes. What a paradox, right? Let's see how it works.


  • Items that were previously craftable such as enchanted golden apple, horse armors and the likes are available to craft again
  • Most materials are useable in blast furnace for example sand
  • If I'm correct the vast majority of items that would be salvageable in real life can be disassembled at the crafting table, smelted in furnaces or cut in the stone cutter
  • Most of the recipes are balanced and you can get the exact amount of materials back by salvaging the item
  • If an item is made of several different materials you can experiment by trying at the crafting table, furnace, blast furnace, stonecutter and blacksmith table then next time remembering the recipe choose the one you find most useful

Here is an Imgur gallery of some of the crafting examples.


And much more! Try out and experiment yourself. If you find anything that seems to be off or missing, feel free to contact me here in comments, on my Telegram account or in private : ) Enjoy.

The data pack was created with the help of thedestruc7i0n's handy tool and the few of the existing blasting elements used from buhpoi's Blast Furnace-Klin data pack. Big thanks goes to both of them!

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