Automated Quarries

6,206 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

Automated Quarries

A datapack that allows you to craft and place down quarries, as well as upgrade them during their run.

It's Multiplayer Friendly!

Craft a machine workbench.
Then use that to craft the quarry.
(See images or book for crafting recipes)

Use /trigger QuarryBook to gain the tutorial book.
Use /function quarry:blocks/quarry/summon to summon the quarry block (without crafting it)

Requires LapisCore, which can be found here:

The ResourcePack can be found here:


Found a bug, want help, or just to chat?
Join the discord at:
Want to quickly test the datapacks?
Join my server:





- Charged batteries can now be used as a Tinkery attribute!


- Tutorial book now has pictures to show crafting recipes!


- Moved workbench and lockbox to LapisCore datapack

- Fixed a lot of bugs

- Fixed a lot of Dampener functionality


NEW IN v0.4:
- Added Techno Armor
- Auto-hill-Step function
- Added katana
- 3D models for drill and katana
- Added area dampener
- Added Admin menu -> /trigger QuarryAdmin
- Added Dampeners for Dummies book


- New crafting workbench for the items!

- A tutorial guide book

- Quarries! + upgrades

- Lockbox that unlocks when a specific player is within 2 blocks

- Chargeable Drill



Quarry Upgrades

Show Particle area
- Insert a torch

Speed Upgrade
- Redstone blocks
- 8 blocks per level up to 64 blocks

Ignore Stones + Dirt (and other common generated)
- Stonecutter

- Adds 1 level of fortune for every type of the following items (not how many of them):
- Nether Star, Dragon Egg, Enchanted Golden Apple, Totem of Undying

Silk Touch
- 8 Slime Blocks

Known Problems:

- Placing blocks on less than full blocks will place the block one lower than it's meant to, but still show the block above it.

- Quarry silk touch is 8 slime blocks not slime balls

- No blocks work in alternate dimensions. This is hard to fix (I think)

- Not fully wearing out the powered tools will mean they get instantly charged.

- Chunk [0, 0] is required to be loaded. Run /forceload add 0 0 to do this.



v0.4 video

- This uses the squid_spawn_egg for the blocks.
- The resource pack overrides the command_block json model and the squid_spawn_egg json model, and you may need to merge those if combining with another resource pack.

Planned Features

- A "Filler" to fill in an area
- A vacuum hopper
- Somehow deal with chests in a better way
- A way to power the quarry to stop/start them
- Chunkloaders (code is done to fuel them, need a way to load chunks via datapack)


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