Armor Stand Poses [Datapack Edition]

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Armor Stand Poses [datapack]
by legopitstop

This datapack adds poses to armor stands like bedrock edition. Redstone is the same as bedrock. (if Redstone doesn't work like bedrock let me know.) right now the only way to change pose is by Redstone, below shows at what power level will change pose.
This datapack also adds arms to all armor stands.


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Note that the power is the Redstone directly on/next to the armor stand.
Power Pose Name
-01 default pose
-02 no pose
-03 solemn pose
-04 Athena pose
-05 brandish pose
-06 honor pose
-07 entertain pose
-08 salute pose
-09 riposte pose
-10 zombie pose
-11 cancan 1 pose
-12 cancan 2 pose
-13 hero pose

-14 default pose
-15 default pose


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