Allay Breeding Datapack

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Why ?

Allays are very difficult to find in Minecraft Java Edition : 1 chance on 2 to have one in a pillager outpost and are not always in the mansions. So getting new allays is increasingly complicated especially on servers.

To solve this problem, I added in Minecraft a breeding system like for any other entity !


How does it works ?

It's pretty easy to use. You just need 2 cookies and give them to 2 close allays and then a new third will appear. It's like a basic Minecraft vanilla breeding.
You can watch the process in the following video.

In which versions?

For the moment here is the list of versions for which the datapack is available (reminder: the allay is there since only the 22w13a):
- 22w13a

- 22w14a

- 22w15a

- 22w16a

- 22w16b

I will try to keep this list up to date with the snapshots.
You can access previous snapshot versions in the files tab of Curseforge.


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