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WorldGuard Time Flags

"WorldGuard" extension to modify the time inside single WorldGuard regions.

How to use this?

This plugin adds some new region flags to worldguard: "min-time", "max-time", "fix-time" and "delta-time".
A player inside a region with these flags will have his time modified. "min-time" and "max-time" allow you to set an interval the player time does not leave. "fix-time" fixes the time in the region to the given value. "delta-time" makes the time in the region always have the same difference to the world's time.
So simply use the usual worldguard region command, like this:

/region flag <region> fix-time 6000

to fix the time at 6000 inside the region, or

/region flag <region> delta-time -3000

to set the difference between the world's time and the time inside the region to -3000, or

/region flag <region> min-time 6000
/region flag <region> max-time 12000

to reset the time to 6000 when it reaches 12000. You can reset a flag by typing its name without a value:

/region flag <region> fix-time

resets the "fix-time" flag.


  • wgtimeflags.ignore: a player with this permission will not see the effect of the flags.


A default configuration will be created if you start the server with the plugin the first time. (at "<plugins folder>/WGTimeFlags/config.yml")

Till now there is only one option you can edit: "time-check-interval". It will allow you to adjust how often "min-time" and "max-time" flags are checked. Smaller values could cause laggs, bigger ones could relieve the server.


The plugin requires the latest WorldGuard Custom Flags and WorldGuard Region Events.

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Problems ?

If you have problems with this plugin read the F.A.Q.. If this did not help you, you can receive help here.


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