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WorldGuard MobDamage Flags adds two flags to WorldGuard: mob-damage-allow and mob-damage-deny .

mob-damage-deny can be set to one or multiple mobs that don't receive any damage (except from ops).

mob-damage-allow can be used to reenable the damage for these mobs in child regions or for whitelisting.

For a list of the mob types my plugin supports click here.


This mod requires WorldGuard Custom Flags and (of course) WorldGuard.


/region flag city mob-damage-deny villager

blocks any incoming damage to villagers.

/region flag city mob-damage-deny any

blocks any incoming damage to any mob

/region flag city mob-damage-allow zombie, skeleton, creeper, spider, enderman

reenables the damage to zombies, skeletons, creepers and enderman in the region.

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