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WorldGuard Drop Flags

"WorldGuard" extension that allows server admins to let items dropped in a region disappear after some time automatically. Additionally you can deny pickup of items in specific regions.

How to use this?

This plugin adds five new region flags to worldguard: "drop-despawn-time", "death-drop-despawn-time", "exp-despawn-time", "death-exp-despawn-time" and "allow-pickup"
If drop-despawn-time is set in a region the item will automatically be removed after the given delay (it does not override the default despawning of minecraft). The delay is set in milliseconds. It only applies on items dropped by players.
death-drop-despawn-time works the same way for items that are dropped on player death.
exp-despawn-time despawns exp dropped by players (with exp bottles) after an amount of time.
death-exp-despawn-time despawns the exp a player drops when he dies.
If allow-pickup is set to deny items in the region cannot be picked up.

So simply use the usual WorldGuard region command, like this:

/region flag <region> drop-despawn-time 5000

to let drops disappear after 5 seconds, or:

/region flag <region> drop-despawn-time 0

to instantly remove the item, or:

/region flag <region> drop-despawn-time

to set the flag back to default value (nothing).

The allow-pickup flag works as any other state flag in WorldGuard. Set it to "deny" with

/region flag <region> allow-pickup deny

to deny picking up items that are inside the region.


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The plugin requires the latest WorldGuard Custom Flags.

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Problems ?

If you have problems with this plugin read the F.A.Q.. If this did not help you, you can receive help here.


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