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Warptastix? What the heck is that?

Warptastix is a warp management plugin written in the spirit of the now-defunct Warptastic project. It re-implements most (if not all) of the original plugin's features and also adds some extras of its own. The hallmark of Warptastix (and Warptastic, by extension) is the unique teleportation system in which teleported players are suspended in the air for a short period of time to allow chunks to load. This way, players don't get stuck in the floor when they try to warp to a far-off location.

What kinds of cool stuff do I get with Warptastix?

Warptastix not only implements Warptastic but expands upon it with its own feature set. I decided to write the extra features because I wanted Warptastix to be a more all-encompassing teleportation solution than just a warp manager. As such, the following features are included in the plugin:

  • Warp management
    • Includes support for both player-made warps and administrative warps
    • Multiple configurable warp limit permission nodes
  • Home management
    • Home-on-death
  • Spawn teleport command
  • Server spawn de-fuzzify (set spawn position to specific location as opposed to a radius)
  • Economy integration
    • Includes separate configurable prices for setting warps, warping, teleporting home, etc.
  • Teleportation signs
    • Includes warp signs and spawn teleport signs

What do I need to get this cool plugin?

Warptastix depends on Vault to handle economy and permissions integrations. You don't necessarily need an economy or a permission plugin to run Warptastix, but Vault is required.

Where's the documentation?

Check out the wiki on GitHub!

Can I get some source code?

In fact, you can! Warptastix is licensed under the MIT open-source license, and its source code is freely available on GitHub. You're allowed to make derivative works so long as you include a copy of the MIT license (available here).


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