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The Plugin Version 1.3

UseExp4 adds new Features to your Server that makes the Minecraft EXP System much more attractiv . The Plugin contains 5 Main Plugins that can several be turned on/off in the config file.

- EXHeal
Heal yourself, others or a group with exp costs.
- EXPort
Teleport yourself to another player or to your bed with exp costs.
- EXPets
Players have Pets with attributes that can Levelup and be Spawn as a Tamed Wolf & Ocelot.
The spawned Wolf has differend Hp, Damage as the normal Wolves and can dogde attacks.
- EXHunt
Every 10 Minutes a Mission appears that require several Items. The Player who deliver first gets the Bounty
- EXBank
Players can put their Exp to a Sign where it will be Saved and they can debit it from there.
Just set the signs first line to [EXBank] or the word you set in config line51.


I Plugin includes two default language Packs (English & German).

  • You can change them by:
  1. run your Server and let UseExp4 create a folder.
  2. go to UseExp4 folder and open config.yml
  3. enter the language you want behind "UseLanguage: "

All sentences are full editable!


  • add Permissions
  • add Statistics & a Ranking in Overall Experience at your Server
  • creates a folder in plugins
  • optimize language config
  • make Cost and amounts configable
  • make Delivery Items Configable
  • /petinfo show even offline Players Pet, if they got one.
  • add Ocelots after defined level
  • make EXPets more interesting with more new features :) Stay tuned

Known Bugs

  • error appears if type /petset with letters as amount
  • Bed isnt saved if you never sleep in it
  • Plugin doesnt load if PetInformation.csv is empty


EXPort commands

/port <target>
Teleports you to the target player.
Teleports you to your Bed.

EXHeal commands

/heal <me|target|group>
heals you, a target player or the group in sight.

EXHunt commands

to finish the Mission.
to see the activated Mission.

EXPets commands

/petinfo <me|target>
get infos about yours or others Pet.
/petrename <newname>
change the name of your Pet.
/petset <hp|str|def> <amount of Skillpoints>
increase the ability for the amount of Skillpoints.
/petlevel <amount>
transfer a amount of your levels to the Pets exp.
(1 PetLevel = 100 PetExp = 10 Levels)
spawns a tamed wolf that represant your Pet Level. (Baby/Adult)
creates a new pet for this Player.


UseExp4 Permissions

This Permission includes all Features a normal player should have to enjoy this Plugin.
UseExp.Admin click for Admin instruction
This Permissions includes all Features and adds specified advantages.
Modification of ALL EXBank Signs / No Teleport Costs

EXPort Permissions

Allows user to use all _EXPort_ commands.
Allows user to teleport to another player.
Allows user to teleport to his bed.

EXHeal Permissions

Allows user to use all _EXHeal_ commands.
Allows user to heal himself.
Allows user to heal others.
Allows user to heal the group in sight.

EXPets Permissions

Allows user to use all _EXPets_ commands.
Allows user to create a new Pet.
Allows user to train his Pet and see Infos about his or others Pet.
Allows the user to spawn his Pet.


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