Last Updated: Oct 4, 2017 Game Version: 1.12



May 25, 2016

Owner: FabioZumbi12


Ultimate Chat with JSON events and easy tag/rank replacements with more than 50 placeholders (with PlaceHolderAPI)



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Now hook with PlaceholderAPI



Mention a player on chat (with sound notification):

On hover on channel alias:

On hover on Clan Tag: 

Show the item the player is on hand:

Descrição em Portugues do Brazil: Clique aqui para ver!

UltimateChat allow you (server owner) to show additional info on player names, clan tag, marry tags and in any tag you choose create, all using minecraft JSON. This info will be show when the player hover the mouse under player tag on chat. Click event are available too like click on player name and send teleport request, or click on Clan tag and see all clan player info.


  • Hook with PlaceHolderAPI to show all available placeholders on of all suported plugins;​
  • Auto Messages to send announces and server messages at specif times. AutoMessages support hover, command on click and site url;​
  • Hover and click under player chat tags;​
  • Uses Redis to send private messages, /ubroadcasts and channel message between any server in bukkit or Sponge conected on same Redis server.
  • Can show tags of plugin tags made for LegendChat;​
  • Use channels as command aliases;​
  • Bungee bridge to chat messages between Bungee Network using as many channels you want.​
  • Hook into vault to get prefixes, suffixes, money, group, and all info the Vault provides;​
  • Hook with all chat plugin that uses "setFormat()" in his codes;​
  • Show marry status, marry partner and marry name if using marry plugin;​
  • Channel costs to chat;​
  • Mention players. When a player write other player name on chat this player will be notified with a sound;​
  • Show Clan info, KDR, name, tag, rank, etc;​
  • Easy channel creation and personalization, by distance, world or all;​
  • Show the item the player is on hand useing @hand (default) on chat message;​
  • Easy TAG creation and 100% customization of a tag;​
  • Complete API to add tag, change the messages or cancel chat, all via plugin. With javadocs too;​
  • Complete chat protection with all configurable:
    • Anti-Spam;
    • Anti-Flood;
    • Anti URL/IPs;
    • Chat Censor;

How to Use:

Check our WIKI for:


  • Commands
  • Permissions
  • Channels
  • BungeeCoord
  • Discord Configuration
  • API Usage

UChat WIKI: https://github.com/FabioZumbi12/UltimateChat/wiki


Change the language configuration to your language. You can see inside jar for available languages. Use the file name to sen the language on configuration like EN-US.
You can send your translate version using the comments or openning a ticket on our github.

To-do List:

  • More?

Hook List:

This is the list of plugins the uChat can interact and show info on our tag. Maybe specific version is needed. Actual version is what we tested and is working:


Use the Tickets section for report any issues, or malfunctions.


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