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Tuto - Make tutorials for your players
Version : v1.6.5 (Birthday Edition)

Want to make your tutorials to explain special features to your players ?
Tuto is here right now for you!
Just make a folder for your Tutorial and put .txt files for each pages


  • Read yout tutorials in directories (Permissions)
  • Configurable Colors Properties
  • Create Tuto directory and properties if not found or invalid
  • Can force Player tu see Tutorial (Permissions)
  • Can create tuto and fill them in-game (Permissions)
  • Have a lot of possible interactions (Interactions Page)

An Explaining Video:

A video by Me (Version 1.0) Outdated
Sorry for the bad accent

Commands & Permissions

See them at the Commands & Permissions

Explaining Tutorials for Plugins


  • Any Ideas ?

Known Issues :

  • No more (for the moment)

Have fun !