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InfiniArrow - Have Infinite Arrows
Version: 1.5.2 (Dispenser Edition)

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What can I explain ?
Just have infinite arrows while having at least one arrow in your inventory.
It's just the same with dispenser.


  • Throw infinite arrows if you have one at least (Permissions or in-built system)
  • Dispensers throws infinite arrows if they have one at least (Configurable)
  • All Dispensers or only the ones that permissibles players place (Configurable)
  • Allow cancel pickup arrows while player have at least one arrow (Configurable)
  • Eco Support with Vault : Pay x : get y seconds of infinity ! (Configurable)

A Review video

Thanks to USM for this review

Commands & Permissions


  • /infini : Ask for infinity (see eco support in features)
  • /infini reload : Reload the plugin


  • infiniArrow.arrow
  • infiniArrow.snowball
  • infiniArrow.potion
  • infiniArrow.ask (Allow /infini Command)
  • (Allow eco command for free)
  • infiniArrow.dispenser (Allow placing of infini dispensers)
  • infiniArrow.reload (Allow /infini reload Command)


  • Any Ideas ?

Known Issues

  • No more (for the moment)