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This plugin adds a lot of features for to improve your server
Reads the Infos section

The plugin has an automatic update system from version 1.1
Update was downloaded in plugin/update/

All features can be disabled individually in the config.yml
You can translate message send to player with file lang.yml


  • Regen Heath and Food when a player sleep
  • Cooldown for sleep (configurable)
  • Command Mute & Clear chat
  • Command Killd/Deaths/Ratio (individually file for a player in plugins/ToolBox/Players)
  • Command StaffList
  • Command for setlore or rename a item (color and space work !)
  • Command for get info for player
  • Command for know active module
  • Log PvP (kill and head drop)
  • Reload Command
  • Cooldown Enderpearl (configurable)
  • Auto respawn for PvP
  • StrikeEffect when a player die
  • Drop Head with luck percentage
  • Infos PvP send to victim and killer
  • Health regen when a player kill a other player (Health and percentage configurable)
  • Can execute command stafflist with a sign (configurable sign)
  • No Rain

This plugin use Title and Actionbar for some message like Infos PvP, for get this feature, you need
This dependency isn't obligatory
Type /toolbox (or /tb) for have all sub-commands

Permissions Sub-Commands:

  • /tb item toolbox.command.item
  • /tb info
  • /tb playerinfo toolbox.command.playerinfo
  • /tb chat
  • /tb log toolbox.command.log
  • /tb reload toolbox.command.reload
  • Create Staff's sign toolbox.sign.create.staff You need to put on the first line [ToolBoxStaff]
  • For have regenkill (luck percentage) toolbox.regenkill
  • Bypass Enderpearl cooldown toolbox.enderpearl.bypass
  • Bypass Mute chat
  • Bypass Bed cooldown toolbox.bedsleep.bypass

Prefix: "&6 == [ToolBox] =="
No_Perms: "&cYou don't have the permission !"
PlayerHasSleep: "&6While sleeping, you recover your strength"
BedTimeLeft: "&6You need to wait &b%time% &6to sleep"
EnderPearlTimeLeft: "&6You need to wait &b%seconds% &6second(s) to use a enderpearl"
PlayerSpeakChatMute: "&cThe chat is mute !"
ClearChat: "&6Chat clear by %player%"
ActiveMuteChat: "&6Chat mute by %player%"
DisableMuteChat: "&6Chat unmute by %player%"
ServerStaff_Line1: "&6* &cStaffList &6*"
ServerStaff_Line2: ""
ServerStaff_Line3: "&cClick here !"
ServerStaff_Line4: ""
MessageToKiller: "&eYou have kill %player%"
MessageToAllPlayers: "&6%killer% &ekilled &6%player%"
RegenKillSuccessful: "&6You have steal %heart% heart of life"

#Plugin By Manercraft
#Time is in Second
  Cooldown: 1
  Cooldown: 7200
#The number for the percentage should be between 1 and 100
#Only an integral number
#Heal is number of heart
    Heal: 2
    Percentage: 5
    Number: 1
    Percentage: 10
    Regen: true
    Cooldown: true
  Enderpearl_Cooldown: true
  No_Rain: true
    Infos: true
    Drop_Head: true
    Regen_Kill: true
    Auto_Respawn: true
    StrikeEffect: true
    RatioPvP: true
  - '&4[Admin]&r : Pseudo '
  - '&9[Moderator]&r : Pseudo'
  - '&5[Animator]&r : Pseudo'
  - '&2[Builder]&r : Pseudo'
version_config: 1.0


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