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620 Downloads Game Version: CB 1.7.2-R0.3

This is a plugin which can build objects from obj files - it uses the faces(please only triangles), the color/texture file and the alpha channel

nearly 400 Downloads :) - I am sure we will get the 1000, too :D Thanks

Color mistakes are fixed in the newest file

German explanation of the mechanics with possible subtitle translated pretty well (took me 4h to write the real text)

Added lot of new blocks in the last update

first upload is single-core, better beta has dual core support

Aerial Aircraft Carrier GringotsDragon

Moscow Basilica with the color mistake: Moscow Basilica

Butterfly called little fox without color mistake(before I implementet alpha support) Bufferfly-Kleiner Fuchs HarryPotter anime girls Sailships The earth in septembre


It still has bugs, if you build very big things or if you have large faces. .tga-texture files are not supported!


/th3d dia -> changes to fast/slow building mode

/th3d c:/xyz/abc.obj {size-factor} -> Builds a scaled version of the object

/th3d Blender/obj.obj {size} -> Builds a scaled version from the destination from your desktop

/th3d help -> help

can be used by commandblocks, too!


still none, but blocks will come :) - maybe with their own color values, too

Best support here :)


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