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Plugin Help - The plugin every server well known should have

/rent ? /gs /shop... You know the trubble about tousands of commands over all servers? This plugin allows you to create several help topics which can be reached by a list of keywords. If there is no equal keywords the plugin will try to find a similar one.

Example: /shops is redirected to /shop, because similar and a description of /shop and how to use it is shown to the player. If a command has two similar keywords, they are shown as a list. e.g. there is a keyword live and love and you type in lyve. Then the plugin will show you live and love as a list.

Many thanks for nearly 250 downloads! :D They show me, that writing plugins is still useful :).

Creating help topics

To create a new help topic simply create a new .txt file in the PluginHelp configuration folder.

  1. 1. line: Command name that should be used otherwise
  2. 2. line: Permission to see this help, empty if none is needed
  3. 3. line: Keywords seperated by comma ","
  4. following lines: all your help text.

The text can contain formating codes like §c.

Other configurations

There are three different main messages: if the topic name is equal, if one topic is found or if more than one similar topic is found. text.onlyhelp, text.nocmd.single and text.nocmd.multi @result is replaced with the found commands, @info is the info and @command with the command the player used to see this site.


Every help topic has an own configurable permission name.

Other things


This plugin sends data to mcstats.org/plugin/PluginHelp every 15min for improving your experiences (more users = more likely improvements)

How it works

If a command is unknown the plugin will iterate all keywords and compares them with the command via Levensthein-Distance. The best results + its help text and infos will be shown to the player.