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This plugin allows players with permission, to turn invisible and spy on other players. Players can also issue a command to see who is vanished, or simply press tab, whoever's name is dark red, is vanished. (Please note that if your name is longer than 14 characters, it will not turn red when you vanish.) Players without permission to see vanished players, will not see players using the tab button. Enjoy!


Vanish toggle

Shows vanish mode being toggled on/off.

TAB List Colored!

Shows OPJewelz as vanished, on the tab list. All people with simplevanish.see will have the ability to see players that are vanished in the tab list, and their names will be red!


/vanish [playername]Toggles on/off invisibility for specified player, and red TAB list display name!/van, /v
/vanish status [playername]Returns whether specified player is visible or invisible./v s


simplevanish.vanish.selfAllows players to toggle their invisibility on/off with the '/vanish' command.
simplevanish.vanish.otherAllows players to toggle other players' invisibility on/off with the '/vanish <playername>' command. (Does not allow them to vanish themselves)
simplevanish.vanish.*Allows players to toggle their own, and others' invisibility on/off with the '/vanish' command.
simplevanish.status.selfAllows player to check their own vanish status using the /vanishstatus command. (but not another player's)
simplevanish.status.othersAllows player to check another player's vanish status using the /vanishstatus command. (but not their own)
simplevanish.status.*Allows players to check any player's vanish status using the /vanishstatus command. (including their own)
simplevanish.seeAllows players to see all other vanished players!
simplevanish.*Allows players to access all commands, and all other permission nodes above.


  • Enable the toggleability of the TAB nicknames.
  • Add vanish list command
  • Suggestions