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Countless Events

Countless Events is a plugin that allows you to open events, and allow players to teleport to, and participate in these events. A unique feature of Countless Events is the ability to host an unlimited amount of events at one time!


/openevent <eventname> <message>Opens an event at the sender's location/openevent LogJump You may die in this event!/oe, /opene, /oevent
/eventsLists all open events!/events/ev, /evs
/joinevent <eventname>Teleports sender to the specified event's location/joinevent LogJump/je, /joine, /jevent
/closeevent <eventname>Closes opened event/closeevent LogJump/ce, /closee, /cevent


countlessevents.openAllows players to open events
countlessevents.listAllows players to list opened events
countlessevents.joinAllows players to join opened events
countlessevents.closeAllows players to close opened events

Please note that event names ARE case sensitive! So if you try to join an event called "LogJump" with "/joinevent logjump", it won't work.

To Do List:

  • Create option toggleable in config to teleport players back to their positions when they joined the event.
  • Add event announce command to give the option to re-announce the event to the server.


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