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The simplest way to protect your server

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  • SimpleTowns uses chunks to create towns that only town members can build / destroy in.
  • There are just 2 town member ranks: Leaders and Citizens.
  • Leaders use commands to manage the town chunks and build rights.


  • Create towns
  • Town leaders claim chunks for towns (from bedrock to the top of the map)
  • Town leaders can claim as many chunks as they like
  • Players can join as many towns as they like
  • Only town members can build in town chunks
  • Multi-world compatible
  • "Mines" - Players can build below a certain Y value outside of towns.
  • Logging - Log all player actions related to SimpleTowns
  • Easily configurable messages - translate and localise!
  • Aliases - Use /town, /towns, /simpletown, or /simpletowns



  • If your players can't build, please check permissions!
  • General comments - BukkitDev comments section
  • Issues - GitHub or BukkitDev ticket system
  • Other - PM or email (email is best for anything really)

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I will add any requests people have, so long as it makes sense and doesn't overcomplicate the plugin.

Any feedback is useful. Thanks!


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