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This plugin requires Java 8
This is a continuation of MrChick and Dill's, Snnappie's work.
Plugin originally made by MrChick.
Plugin based on this request.


  • Create SecretDoors with a wooden door and any blocks
  • Secret Trapdoors (can be disabled in config)
    • Open the trap door (or right click the block above it) to open the door
    • Trapdoor is replaced with a ladder for ease of climbing out
    • Click the ladder to close the door
  • Permissions support
  • Signs, torches, ladders, vines, buttons and levers are all place-able on SecretDoor blocks
  • Signs retain their text
  • SecretDoors can now be opened and closed with Redstone power (can be disabled in config)
  • Configurable timer to close doors and trapdoors automatically


Thanks to VariationVault for the video!


  • use-permissions: true/false - Enables/Disables the need for Permissions.
  • use-redstone: true/false - Enables/Disables Redstone being able to open SecretDoors.
  • enable-trapdoors: true/false - Enables/Disables Secret Trapdoors.
  • enable-timers: true/false - Enables/Disables automatic closing of doors.
  • close-time-seconds: integer - Time in seconds before a door will automatically close.
  • enable-whitelist: true/false - Determines whether or not to use the whitelist of blocks.
  • blacklist: MaterialList - List of materials that cannot be used to create SecretDoors (see here)
  • whitelist: MaterialList - List of materials that can be used to make SecretDoors, if enable-whitelist is true.


  • /secretdoors reload - Reloads config file.
  • /sd reload - Alias.


  • secretdoors.use - Defaults to OP, allows users to open and close SecretDoors.
  • secretdoors.create - Defaults to OP, allows users to create SecretDoors by placing blocks in front of the door.
  • secretdoors.reload - Defaults to OP, allows users to use /secretdoors reload and /sd reload.
    NOTE: See known issues!

Source Code:

Planned Features:

  • Make the Block Blacklist configurable.
  • Possibly add a configurable timer to close SecretDoors automatically.

Known issues:

  • Permission node secretdoors.use will NOT prevent players from opening SecretDoors via Redstone power. To truly protect doors from being opened you will need to disable Redstone use in the config file.
  • Redstone torches placed on the doors bug out because they provide power to the door - They have been blacklisted as a result. If people REALLY want Redstone torches place-able on SecretDoors let me know and I'll look into a workaround.
  • Doors with a torch on them cannot be opened while the player is also holding a torch.
  • Double doors are a little screwy if you use a mod that opens both doors when you open one.
  • Please let me know about any other bugs you find.


  • 1.4.2 - Compiled with SpigotMC for 1.8
  • 1.4.1 - Secret Trapdoors must now have the trapdoor be placed on the upper part of the block.
  • 1.4.0 - secretdoors.create/secretdoors.use permission node separation.
  • 1.3.1 - Configurable blacklist and whitelist
  • 1.3.0 - Timers!
  • 1.2.1 - Blacklisted iron doors to fix a duplication bug
  • 1.2 - Double doors and bug fixes
  • 1.1 - Trapdoor support
  • 1.0 - Initial release by Snnappie
  • Older versions by Dill and MrChick

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