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This plugin implements discoverable graveyards. Players will respawn at the nearest graveyard location that they have previously discovered, with temporary immunity from mob attack.


  • Create hidden graveyards that require discovery, or unhidden that are always available.
  • Enable or disable graveyards individually, without deleting them (to make a graveyard temporarily unavailable, for instance).
  • Custom discovery message per graveyard location, or use the default message in the customizable language file.
  • Custom respawn message per graveyard location, or use the default message in the customizable language file.
  • Safety cooldown prevents mobs from attacking after respawn for a configurable amount of time. Per graveyard setting overrides default in configuration file.
  • Customizable discovery range, can be set per graveyard location or use configured default.
  • Teleport command allows admins to instantly travel to any graveyard.
  • Group permissions setting per graveyard, so graveyards can be made available only to players within a certain group.
  • Intelligent tab completion for all commands.
  • Custom messages and language localization.
  • Per world enabled in configuration.
  • Uses sqlite for persistent storage.
  • A perfect compliment to SavageDeathChest and SavageDeathCompass.


Player's are granted all necessary permissions by default.
All admin permissions are granted with graveyard.admin
Complete list of permission nodes here


Complete command reference here


Put the jar in your plugins folder and restart your server. Edit the generated configuration file to your liking, then reload the plugin settings with the /graveyard reload command. No server restart necessary!




Source code for this plugin is hosted on github and distributed under the GPLv3 license.