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A configurable item that serves as a physical replacement for the /home command. Exactly like SpawnStar, except for home! In my survival world, I felt that the /home command was too easy. But my players really wanted to be able to return to home easily. So I made this plugin as a compromise. Now, players need to buy HomeStars from shops before venturing out into the wilderness if they want to be able to teleport back to their home (bed spawn) location.


  • A fully configurable item that returns a player to their home (bed spawn) when used. Default item is a netherstar, but can be changed to any item.
  • Customizable display name and lore.
  • Configurable cool down period.
  • Configurable warm up period, with optional particle effects during warm up.
  • Individually configurable options to cancel teleport during warmup on damage, movement, or block interaction.
  • Configurable option to remove item from inventory on use, after successful teleport, or never.
  • Configurable option to prevent using HomeStar items in crafting recipes.
  • Configurable option to require shift-click to use.
  • Configurable option to fallback to world spawn if user bed spawn is not set.
  • Uses MultiVerse world aliases in messages, if installed.
  • Uses MultiVerse world spawn location, if installed and spawn fallback is configured. (So players will be looking in the right direction on respawn.)
  • Configurable per message repeat delay (message cooldown) where appropriate.
  • Customizable language support.


/homestar reloadreloads the configuration without needing to restart the server.
/homestar statusdisplays configuration settings.
/homestar give <playername> [quantity]allows admins or others with permission to give HomeStars directly to players.


homestar.usegives a player the ability to use a HomeStar.true
homestar.admingives a player access to the following admin commands:op
homestar.giveallows players to give HomeStar items to other players.op
homestar.reloadallows reloading of configuration files.op
homestar.statusallows viewing configuration settings.op


Default configuration file.