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Aug 25, 2011

Owner: reignerok

QuotePlugin allows you to save and show quotes. They can be both server ones or historical ones. You decide how to use the plugin.

Why to download QuotePlugin?

Because your users want to have fun in your server. QuotePlugin can be funny if you use it properly.

Where to download?

You can download QuotePlugin from here.

How to administrate it?

If you are the server admin, you can read relevant info here.

How to use it?

You can access to a list of commands here.

I want to report an issue

If you detected some issue, you can report it by sending a ticket here.


I want to give thanks to Hohen, SwearWord, feildmaster, Aich, krinsdeath, BR, Adamki11s and the entire #bukkitdev channel. Developing is easier with you.


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