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Tired of players setting up shop and having all the food they can eat with a few simple farms? PwnBreeding will make breeding rates configurable on a per-world, per-biome system. Make certain biomes more coveted by making it so only plains is suitable for breeding animals; make some animals breed better or only in their native environments like ocelot in jungle; improve trading economy and traveling by making food more scarce; or any other fun configurations you can think of.

Current Features

  • Restrict Breeding Spawns: Restrict breeding spawns from "love" per biome.

Expected Features

  • Love mode editor: Edit what foods and how many are required to put breedable animals into "love" mode.


  1. Stop your server.
  2. Place the PwnBreeding.jar in your /plugins directory.
  3. Start your server, note that the /plugins/PwnBreeding/config.yml file has been created.
  4. Stop your server.
  5. Edit the /plugins/PwnBreedng/config.yml to your liking.
  6. Start your server.

Note: It is important to always test ANY plugin you install prior to deploying it for production, you as a server admin, should always consider this to be Rule #1 of running a server.


  • Edit the configuration file in /plugins/PwnBreeding/config.yml
  • Currently the config is fairly simple and should be self explanatory, if you need more help with configuration, here is the Configuration Page


  • There are currently no commands available, but there may be in future versions.


  • This plugin currently requires no permissions to be setup.


Links & Info

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  • IRC Channel: Join #pwn9 on - feel free to ask plugins questions on the channel or just come hang out with us.

Plugin Metrics

This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that some information is collected and sent to

If you wish to disable this feature, you can do so by opting out, which you can do in the config file under /plugins/PluginMetrics/