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requested by Matthiasvd2

This is a plugin to bring more intresting pvp'in in to Minecraft, by creating custom pvp levels



  • add custom levels to minecraft
  • custom chat format changes
  • incrasing needed kills for levels
  • Reward players for pvp'ing
  • Let players view their Kill death ratio
  • MySQL support
  • SQLite support
  • Advanced api

Level system

  max-level: 100
  # Defines how much xtra kills you need for each level
  # In this example we take 4 as default kills and 1.0 as increment
  # lvl 1 = (4 * 1) + (1.0 * 0) = 4 kills.
  # lvl 10 = (4 * 10) + (1.0 * 10) = 50 kills.
  increment-value: 1.0
  # Defines how much you allways need to level up (+ increment * lvl)
  default-kills: 4
  # Defines how much a player can attack the same player as before.
  # Example: for value 3 --> after killing Notch 3 times it ignores killing notch
  kill-session: 3

Example chat setup

this is optional, if you dont do this it will auto grab in!

PvpLevels replaces a custom string in the chat format with the players lvl, this requires a chat plugin, a.k.a EssentialsChat.

if you dont have a chat plugin or you dont know how to set this up it will auto grab your chat and do this

example format:

format: '[&aLvl [LEVEL]&f] %prefix %player&f: %message'

will result in:

[Lvl 6] [Owner] lenis0012: hi.

You can also use [KDR] in your chat format.



  • add auto grabber for chat
  • add /lvl add/set/remove <player> <amount>
  • add permissions
  • add TagAPI support. The new scoreboard API from BKCommonLib is much better :P


[optional] - <required>

  • /kdr [player] - Show a player's Kill Death Ratio
  • /level add/set/remove <amount> - Add/set/remove levels from a player.


  • pvp.kdr.self - View your own KDR
  • pvp.kdr.orther - View orther player's KDR
  • pvplevels.change - Change level from a player



v1.2.1 - Download (1.7.2-R0.2)


A donation helps me to keep my work up while devlopping my plugins.


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